Access global financing through Asset Securitization and Blockchain Based Exchanges

Our Technology

Customized Platform  

Customizing the Sharevest crowdfunding platform which provides an end-to-end technology solutions for investment firms

Blockchain Technology

Build upon our blockchain based infrastructure to augment your innovation capacity and scale up business operations

Asset Securitization

 Tap into highly liquid cryptocurrency markets through asset tokenization and digital securitisation technology 

Powered By The Blockchain

Tokenized Shares

Vote and jointly govern the asset with co-owners.

Token tradability and liquidity respectful of regulatory restrictions.

Electronic Certificates

Instant Transactions

Conducted on an incorruptible digital ledger with no intermediaries.

Capital Raising Liquidity

Raise money for companies in a regulated environment

Our technology will provide business owners with a full capital raising toolkit. Our platform based on blockchain technology can be licensed to financial institutions wishing to offer a crowdfunding capital raising capability with the option of fiat and crypto payments. 

The Sharevest platform is a versatile platform designed for the management of investments and financings in private companies, to be offered on a white label basis to investment bankers and brokers, investment companies, family offices and other investment groups.

Leverage your Assets to Raise Capital

Tokenize your Asset

Create a digital token which represents the value of your asset. Otherwise create a token to be used as an utility within your business environment.

Use our white-label platform to allow your customers to invest into a business they love, support your expansion and own shares.

Turn Customers into Investors

In addition to traditional capital, use our crypto gateways to accept crypto financing into your investment rounds.

Access Crypto Finance

Access Crypto Financing

We help businesses that are underfunded and connect them with a bank of global investors in a very a simplistic and decentralised way. Sharevest has the ability to consult financial firms specifically around blockchain and cryptocurrency due to the relatively young age of the industry. 

Sharevest consults on the crypto financing markets. We are strategically positioned with knowledge of the relatively infantile blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This allows us to assist financial firms by issuing ICO’s. We can also support clients in tokenizing their assets and create various liquidity mechanisms for businesses.

Sharevest Access API

A Blockchain ecosystem with authenticated partners, protecting your assets.

Use the equity or currencies in your Sharevest Wallet on other platforms to invest, lend or trade, expanding your portfolio with little hassle. 

Wallet Access

Hybrid Multichain

Our approved partners will be able to conduct transactions on the Sharevest blockchain. This will allow assets to freely move between services.

SVX Ecosystem

Use the SVX coin on all of our partners platforms, creating a potentially large environment for asset transfers and currency exchange.

The Sharevest Tokens


Receive Updates

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Utility token for use on the Sharevest platform as a currency.

There is a total of 200,000,000 SVX tokens.

Ownership of the SVX token will result in a multitude of benefits. This includes feature discounts and special offers on the platform. 


SVP1000 is a digital asset token designed to mirror the properties of stocks used by private companies and those traded presently in the NYSE.

Each company which joins Sharevest will obtain their own unique branded token base on the SVP1000 Protocol.

SVP tokens function on our Hybrid Multichain which has defined levels of public and private data/access. SVP tokens can be bought, sold, traded and escrowed within the Sharevest approved ecosystem.

SVP1000 tokens are uniquely created to equal an ownership percentile of a private company.

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Raise money for companies in a regulated environment

Access global financing through Asset Securitization and Blockchain Based Exchanges

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